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Why you should (not) use Test-Driven Development

Background Believe it or not, every programmer is a little bit different. We all have our own preferences, strengths, and weaknesses… It wasn’t until last year that I tried to spend a little time to figure out where I fall

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Secure WCF Service on IIS with BasicHttpBinding and Custom Credentials

In one of my current client projects, I had the requirement to secure a WCF service. That is typically an easy requirement but I had a couple of restrictions: Only BasicHttpBinding could be used on the client-side Client credentials (username

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Why you should have studied computer science

I have several opinions on why the subject is so promising, but I saw a video today that does a great job of summing it up:

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What music to listen to while programming (or working)

A subscriber submitted a post idea recently: “music to code to”. After each type of programming activity, I’ll give a brief background of what that activity involves in layman’s terms. I also tried to relate each programming activity to a

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Windows 8: Programming

Note: This is one installment of multiple posts to come on Windows 8 and several Windows 8 devices. I recently attended a two-hour Windows 8 DevCamp, put on by the Houston .NET User Group. The talk was given by Jared

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When to use ‘Lazy’ programming with circular dependencies in MEF

Background I have been programming with .NET for some time, but I am relatively new to the practice of dependency injection (often abbreviated as DI). The idea is simple enough: some choices are made at run-time rather than compile time. The

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How to solve Euler Problem 16: Python

I really enjoy doing programming problems every now and then. Euler Problems range in difficulty and they are all math related. They are a great exercise for someone who knows math/logic and is trying to dabble with a new programming

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Simple Save/Update to MongoDB using Mongoose in NodeJS

I am currently doing some side development with a few coworkers using NodeJS. We are trying to develop a mobile web application for playing the popular game, Mastermind. I am still getting a grasp of writing Javascript for server-side code,

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