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Early Career Success Practices

I’m closing in on five years of success in the professional workforce (technology / business consulting, to be specific). Time to share what’s worked. I’m sure that in 5 more years, I’ll look at this again and realize that I

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Great Advice from Pariveda Executives

Bruce Ballengee, CEO Never stop growing yourself and others. If you do, you die a little bit everyday you’re not. David Watson, VP Seattle Treat your customers/clients as you would some of your closest friends. Steve Cardwell, VP Atlanta In

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Comparing Responsive Frameworks

As part of my current project, I did a short investigation on a handful of different responsive frameworks (allows for web content that will react to different browser widths). My blog is an example of a responsive website… Go ahead:

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A unique opportunity for the experience of a lifetime

Hello friends. I’m moving from Houston to Los Angeles! This is a very exciting time for me, but I can only stand talking about the same topic so many times… I went ahead and compiled a list of questions (who, what, when,

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Why you should (not) use Test-Driven Development

Background Believe it or not, every programmer is a little bit different. We all have our own preferences, strengths, and weaknesses… It wasn’t until last year that I tried to spend a little time to figure out where I fall

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Lessons from online dating – relationships and instant gratification

Routine I’ve found that my occupation has a direct correspondence to the amount of new, date-able women I meet in my day to day routine activities. It turns out that certain occupations don’t offer an abundance of opportunities in that

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Secure WCF Service on IIS with BasicHttpBinding and Custom Credentials

In one of my current client projects, I had the requirement to secure a WCF service. That is typically an easy requirement but I had a couple of restrictions: Only BasicHttpBinding could be used on the client-side Client credentials (username

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Portability: MonoTouch, MonoDroid, and PCLs

In my team’s most recent client work, we’ve been tasked with cross platform mobile development. It is an extremely fun project with an aggressive timeline. Some of the technologies involved so far are: iFactr MonoTouch & MonoDroid (Xamarin) .NET portable class

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Texas A&M – Computer Science – Industrial Affiliates Program

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the CS department’s industrial affiliate program (IAP) for Texas A&M. One of my colleagues from Pariveda Solutions, Dave Morris, accompanied me during the two-day event. When you’re done here, you should go

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Why Texas is the best state ever

No state income tax It’s great – I love Texas for the simple fact that there is no state income tax. Being a grown-up sucks sometimes. Texas makes that easier. Outside of tax simplification, here are other reasons that I

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