Thanks for visiting my blog. I use this space to share my ‘insights’ – findings, ideas, feelings, opinions, etc… I have broken my posts into two categories – professional and personal. The professional posts will likely revolve around business and technology, whereas the personal posts could range anywhere from sports to philosophy.


I currently reside in Houston, Texas where I was born and raised. I really enjoy Houston and think that it offers all the essentials plus more. The economy always seems fine regardless of the rest of the nation, there are a ton of people with varying cultures and interests, there is an abundance of excellent places to eat and drink, we have all the sports teams imaginable, and the list goes on…


The only time that I have lived outside of Houston was when I attended Texas A&M in College Station. Despite being raised as a Longhorn, while at A&M I was brainwashed into being an Aggie. Texas A&M was a great place to attend school and their computer science program (in the Dwight Look College of Engineering) is top notch. During my tenure, I primarily concentrated on computer science and mathematics. Math, after all, is what originally sparked my interest in computers and technology.

Before college, I attended high school at Waltrip where I spent most of my time making friends, playing sports, and goofing around in classes that didn’t interest me.

My interests (among many other things) are watching sports, playing sports, playing video games, programming, and listening to music.


Why not? I’ve always wanted to keep track of some of the more interesting things that happen in my life. I can’t be the only person who has trouble recalling thoughts they had years ago. Here is something that in the next few years I will wish I had written down:

“I, a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.” – Richard P. Feynman

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