Great Advice from Pariveda Executives

Bruce Ballengee, CEO

Never stop growing yourself and others. If you do, you die a little bit everyday you’re not.

David Watson, VP Seattle

Treat your customers/clients as you would some of your closest friends.

Steve Cardwell, VP Atlanta

In this world, people make all the choices and if you figure out the people part then you’ll be very successful.

Brian Orrell, CTO

Never do anything well you don’t want to do for a long time– the corollary: become really good at the things you enjoy doing and the demand will follow.

Kerry Stover, COO

Leaders are only leaders IF people choose to follow. Without followers leaders aren’t.

Michael Evans, VP Dallas

Expect more of yourself than others do; never let a 3rd party (employer, market, colleague) challenge you more than you challenge yourself.

Liem Vu, VP West Region

Discipline – will help you grit through not only the most mundane of tasks but also the most complex.

Penny Wand, VP Chicago

You can only fail forward.

Christopher Paul, VP San Francisco

Always be candid, forthright, honest, and fair.

Susan Paul, VP Dallas

Bring solutions. Managers get barraged all day long with problems. If you can take something off their plate by bringing a solution, you are a net contributor and make their life easier.

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One comment on “Great Advice from Pariveda Executives
  1. Danny Hlavinka says:

    Amen to Susan Paul’s advice. The best people to manage are those who bring prospective solutions to the table along with the problems. Nothing worse than people who don’t think past just reporting the problems.

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