Comparing Responsive Frameworks

As part of my current project, I did a short investigation on a handful of different responsive frameworks (allows for web content that will react to different browser widths). My blog is an example of a responsive website… Go ahead: re-size the window width and notice the content respond to the changes.

Frameworks investigated

I did a full webpage implementation with each of the frameworks listed below, including customization to the framework (e.g. button color, images, padding, etc.).


You can’t really go wrong with any of the linked frameworks – they will all serve you well. If you have complex layout concerns, then absolutely go with Foundation. If you want to build a site from scratch with a ton of great UI features, then go with Bootstrap or Gumby. If you simply want a starting point for fixed grid responsiveness, then go with Skeleton. Don’t do a from-scratch implementation.


Aside from trying out each of the frameworks, I found some good resources which I believe are worth calling out:


I found that Gumby and Bootstrap were similar, although Bootstrap has been around longer and has more UI features. In my findings sections, I’ll consider them the same.

I saw almost no reason to go with a from-scratch implementation – you can at least start with something extremely minimal like Skeleton to give you a head start.

More detailed findings

Gum & Boot Foundation Skeleton
Grid Solid fixed Best fluid Basic fixed
Browser support Good Manageable Best
Pre-processor LESS/SASS SASS None (one file)
Ramp-up Difficult Moderate Easy
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4 comments on “Comparing Responsive Frameworks
  1. schiff3 says:

    Marty / Josh may have some good data points about why they chose to role their own…

  2. Derrick says:

    We used sassy grid on a project as the lightweight responsive framework, and it did a good job of giving you the tools to do what you need without forcing your hand/adding extra junk

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