Texas A&M – Computer Science – Industrial Affiliates Program

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the CS department’s industrial affiliate program (IAP) for Texas A&M. One of my colleagues from Pariveda Solutions, Dave Morris, accompanied me during the two-day event. When you’re done here, you should go to Dave’s blog and encourage him to start writing!

As the IAP’s site says, it was developed in 2004 to improve the department’s relationships with industry. The program has evolved over the years and is now an excellent method for the industry to:

  • Learn more about the department
  • Meet professors and hear about their research
  • Meet undergraduate and graduate students, as well as see some of their current work

I had a good time at the IAP – it is always fun to go back to College Station. This was my first time attending the IAP but I’ve been to other industry events like the SEC career fair. After becoming accustomed to being the student in this scenario, it has been a fun experience being on the other side of the table.

My favorite part of the trip was the time that I got to spend catching up with some past professors, namely Dr. Leyk, Dr. Caverlee, and Dr. Schaefer. Each of these professors played a key role in helping me refine my passion for technology and programming.

Overall, the IAP was a good time and I look forward to attending again.

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