What to do in the upcoming election

An idea to keep you busy and entertained during the upcoming Presidential debates.

As I was perusing Facebook this evening, I ran across a funny picture that reminded me of the upcoming election. It introduces a drinking game wherein participants take drinks based on the frequency of specific phrases that each candidate uses (i.e. ‘Let me be clear’, ‘Small business’, etc.). I think this is about as serious as I could take the Presidential debates.

Drinking games aside, I do have some advice for what others should do in the upcoming election: vote (assuming you qualify). It is the simplest way to make your opinion count.

If you are anything like me, then keeping up with politics is not only difficult but also boring. Most of the snippets that I hear on the news are over my head because I don’t keep current on the issues. What’s worse is that the majority of the publicity for candidates is portrayed in a negative lens… It’s hard to think that any of the candidates are a good pick when someone else is constantly bashing your tentative choice. So I try to stay away from specifics and keep things generic.

My opinion is that you ought to at least know where you sit on the political compass. If you don’t know where you are, take the test (it takes ~20 minutes). You might be surprised with your result. After you do that, take a look at where the candidates for 2012 sit on the compass.

If you have an understanding of the political compass and where you are in relation to the candidates, then you probably have a good idea of who you should vote for (that is, if your voting philosophy is to vote for whomever you agree with most). After you have that understanding, check out this awesome (really, it is quite good) site, VoteSmart’s VoteEasy. Use the tabs on the top to answer questions and watch the candidates match up to one another.

I typically can’t standing listening to people talk about politics. I almost always refuse to be part of the conversation (I like having friends). But, I don’t mind spending a little bit of time that will allow for a semi-informed decision. I mean, how much can we really know before we vote?

What are your thoughts? How do you decide to who to vote for?

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4 comments on “What to do in the upcoming election
  1. Josh says:

    A very timely topic sir!

    You’re right, it is insane to gather the facts and then rationally pick one candidate over the other. Gathering facts is hard to do with all the “slanting” that takes place, especially in the news….cough….fox….cough. And then once you line up your beliefs with those in candidacy, there’s not a whole lot of agreement.

    A friend pointed me to this site to help me organize my thoughts. I have also found the quotes from this site to be somewhat enlightening.

    Keep up the interesting posts.

    • brhlavinka says:

      Hey Josh – thanks for the read and for sharing your thoughts. I tried out the ‘I side with’ site. It has a pretty neat interface and matched candidates pretty much to what I expected. However, it matched me a to party that I thought was a bit strange.

  2. Judy Eager says:

    Good to see you blogging and promoting voting! Every vote counts! I always drove Nanny to the polling sight for her to vote, even though her vote always cancelled mine. That’s dedication.

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